13 SEER AMANA GSZ13 Distinctions Heat Pump Review

by admin on October 16, 2011

AMANA Distinctions Heat Pump Review

AMANA Distinctions Heat Pump

Amana is an American company well known for manufacture of high quality products. One area that they specialize in is the manufacture of heating and cooling systems and they have excelled in this field by producing very durable products. A good example is the AMANA GSZ13 Distinctions 13 SEER Heat Pump, which is known for its efficiency and you can acquire it at a very affordable price.

This model is very energy efficient and it saves lots of energy costs for the consumer. If you don’t like the sound that other heat pumps make when operating then this is the right model for you as it has been designed to produce the least noise, Ensuring that you enjoy the much needed comfort in a quiet environment. This heat pump also is very environmental friendly thanks to the components it uses in operation.

The AMANA GSZ13 Distinctions 13 SEER Heat Pump has some key features that distinguish it from all other products and ensures it is durable energy savvy and efficient. The consumer is protected by the very reliable high and low pressure switches that this model uses. It contains the liquid line filter dryer and suction line accumulator that ensures it is very efficient when it comes to drying and suctioning respectively. This heat pumps quality is further enhanced by the fact that it uses the chlorine free R-410A refrigerant and good quality compressor that is energy efficient. it also further ensures the consumer comfort thanks to the use of Smart Shift® technology that prevents frosting and ensures less noise in operations.

The AMANA GSZ13 Distinctions 13 SEER Heat Pump has a very good warranty policy. All the functional parts together with the compressor have a 10-Year Limited P Warranty. This further proves its durability

The AMANA GSZ13 Distinctions Heat Pump comes in a number of models. The price of each heat pump depends on the model below are the current prices.

Model: GSZ130181A     HxWxD: 26x26x32.25 18000 Btu1.5 Ton Capacity units costing approximately$2,820.00

Model: GSZ130241A     HxWxD: 26x26x32.25 24000 Btu 2 Ton Capacity units which is priced at $2,910.00

Model: GSZ130241B     HxWxD: 26x26x32.25 30000 Btu 2.5 Ton Capacity units that cost approximately$3,130.00

Model: GSZ130301A    HxWxD: 26x26x32.25 36000 Btu 3 Ton Capacity units approximately priced at$3,240.00

Model: GSZ130361A     HxWxD: 29x29x32.25   42000 Btu 3.5 Ton Capacity units that is priced at approximately$3,730.00

Model: GSZ130361B    HxWxD: 29x29x32.25 48000 Btu 4 Ton Capacity units priced at approximately$4,220.00

Model: GSZ130421A     HxWxD: 29x29x38.25 60000 Btu 5 Ton Capacity units which approximately costs $4,710.00

Model: GSZ130421A     HxWxD: 29x29x34.25 60000 Btu 5 Ton Capacity units priced at approximately $4,720.00

Model: GSZ130421A     HxWxD: 35.5×35.5×34.25 60000 Btu 5 ton  Capacity units that costs approximately$4,730.00

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