Lennox Elite Series XP14 16 SEER Heat Pump Review

by admin on October 14, 2011

Lennox Elite Series XP14 16 SEER Heat Pump Review Price

Lennox XP14 Heat Pump

The Lennox Company has over the years produced quality heating and cooling systems. Their heat pumps are very durable and provide quality services a good example is the Lennox Elite Series XP14 16 SEER Heat Pump. This heat pump is suitable for residential and commercial use and works perfectly for all seasons. Its quality is further enhanced by the fact that it is energy star certified showing just what a dependable product it is. This heat pump also is highly energy efficient and can help cut your energy costs by over 30 %. As such when replacing your heating system it is wise to choose this affordable unit that has a good SEER rating of 16 and a 905 HSPF Rating.

The Lennox XP14 Heat Pump has some very unique features that make it a reliable product when it comes to heating and cooling efficiently. It uses the environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant that is chlorine free and produces noise as low as 71 db hence offering you a quiet environment. It has a dual fuel capability making a choice product.

The Lennox XP14 16 SEER Heat Pump has two designs that have different market prices they include.

2.5 Ton capacity units with a digital thermostat and air handler add-ons costing approximately $7,020 inclusive of installation charges.

3 Ton capacity units that comes together with an air handler is priced at $7,520


The Dave Lennox Elite Series XP14 16 SEER Heat Pump has very good and flexible warranty policy. The compressor has a ten year warranty; all other parts have a five year warranty and a labor warranty for up to a year. There are also some additional labor charges.

The Lennox company ahs a team of highly trained and qualified technical assistants whoa re always eager to be of service to any consumer that has questions about any of their heat pumps. As such this makes the Dave Lennox Elite Series XP14 Heat Pump a good choice. This product has additional benefits to its consumers. It ensures that you have a comfortable time while at home and if it breaks down or malfunctions, you can easily get in touch with many of the Lennox technicians easily because of the large network of dealers all over the country. By purchasing the Dave Lennox Elite Series XP14 Heat Pump you will get quality service at an affordable price.

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