Lennox SL280V Gas Furnace Review

by admin on October 20, 2011

Lennox SL280V Gas Furnace Review Price

Lennox SL280V Gas Furnace

The Lennox Company has always produced the best HVAC products.  Many consumers find their products very useful and efficient. The Lennox SL280V Gas Furnace is one of their unique products that is very efficient, affordable and has a good warranty to back it up.

This model has a number of key features that make it a choice product for many people. It has a very high AFUE rating of 80% showing it is very energy savvy. It hardly produces any sound thanks to Special sound-absorbing materials together with the use of SilentComfort™ technology that reduce the noises it produces greatly. It has a dual fuel capability that enables it to be used with an electric heat to enhance energy efficiency. It is also able to improve its cooling efficiency when paired with a Lennox air conditioner or heat pump and minimizes heat loss thanks to its sealed blower compartment. You can detect faults easily because of the SureLight control board for faster repair. Finally it uses the SureLight® igniter and the Durable steel cabinet which ensures it works for long.

when conducting research on your choice product it is important to ask for the price of a product that has far much higher efficiency levels. If the price is close to this model then it makes more sense buying the superior model.

This model has a good warranty policy. The heat exchanger is covered by a 20 year warranty while the other covered parts have a ten year warranty. This warranty period may be extended at an additional cost. The company may also offer a labor warranty and it is important to consult their dealer for advice on this. Taking a labor warranty is very important to ensure better product maintenance.

You have to employ the services of a qualified contractor when it comes to installation of this product. You will need to check the background of each of the contactors that you choose for the job. You should not only go for the lowest bidder as this may cost you dearly in the long run. Choose a contractor whoa has experience with this type of products and you will end up enjoying services worth your money.

Though this model is very affordable it is better to look for a more efficient model that is priced close to it.

Lennox SL280V Price

This model has different prices and proper research will lead to the best prices below is a sample of the available price for two models.

70,000 BTU which costs$3040

110,000 BTU that costs 3,245

How to Get the Best Heat Pump & Furnace Prices

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