York Latitude THGD 13 SEER Heat Pump Review

by admin on October 13, 2011

York Latitude THGD Series 13 SEER Heat Pump Review

York Latitude THGD Series 13 SEER Heat Pump

The York Company has been known for many years as a company that produces high quality HVAC products. For over 130 years it has maintained a tradition of manufacturing the best heat pumps in the market. One such heat pump is the York Latitude THGD Series 13 SEER Heat Pump. This model is very efficient and can help save on energy costs. It is suitable for all seasons be it winter or summer and is also environmentally friendly due to its R-410A refrigerant that is chlorine free. As such this model offers the much needed efficiency.

One unique advantage of the York Latitude THGD Series heat pump is that it is very affordable compared to similar heat pumps with an equal rating yet it give the best service ever. For people with homes in areas that experience moderate climate this heat pump would serve the purpose as it is more dependable than most heat pumps. To further enhance it s quality it has the good housekeeping seal that is given to most efficient product by the Good housekeeping company that has been operating for almost 100 years. Thus this model gives the best service and ensures you get the much needed comfort.

The York Latitude THGD Series 13 SEER has some very unique features that make it a very efficient product. it hardly produces any noise when operating making it the choice of many. It defrost system ensures no frosting and also saves you some energy cost. This heat pump has a13 SEER and an 8.0 HSPF rating and has features that prevent rusting and corrosion. Its quality is further shown by the Good Housekeeping Seal that shows it’s a good product.

The York Latitude THGD Series 13 SEER Heat Pump has two makes and each is priced differently here are the current prices:

2 ton capacity units priced at approximately$ 880.00

3 ton capacity units which costs approximately $ 1,190.00

The York Latitude THGD Series 13 SEER Heat Pump has a very good Warranty policy that other manufactures admire. The compressor and parts are covered by a ten year warranty and  there is a YorkCare™ comfort plan that offer up to a ten year labor warranty.

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